Thursday, 18 September 2008

Woodpigeon at the Cumberland Arms 18/09/2008

Arriving a bit late at the gig, I almost missed the whole of the first act that was on, the solo artist Francis Conway. I made it just in time to hear the last two song of his acoustic set. They were absolutely amazing, and both were rather long so I can say I got a good picture of what Francis Conway sounds like.
Beth Jeans Houghton was up next. Last time I saw her live she was performing on her own, this time around she was joined by a drummer, ok he did not only play drums, he also was gifted for the piano. I am still very impressed by Beth’s good use of the loop pedals, they give her music the extra something that make is very special. It is going to be interesting to see where Beth is going to be in a couple of months time as she has just released a single and has a lot of new songs up her sleeve.
It was so hot in the Cumberland Arms that night that I seriously considered leaving as it made me really tired. I am happy, that I did stay around because Woodpigeon are a really good band that I would have regretted not seeing. This Canadian band had the characteristic of having many people on stage. As a consequence they had a lot of different instruments including a violin. The music was absolutely stunning. Everyone seemed to try to figure out what genre they belong to. “Unclassifiable” that’s most likely what they are, the music is a mix of eastern European folk and Abba, with elements of all sorts of musical styles. The fact that they are Canadians with many band members and a diverse selection of instruments makes them a bit Arcade Fire-ish. By any means if you have the chance to see Woodpigeon, you should definitely take it, as for them as well you can’t know where they will be in a bit.

Review by Solveig Werner

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